General Clinic FAQ

What does the CSPC stand for?

CSPC stands for the Counseling and School Psychology Clinic. The CSPC is a training clinic for MA and PhD level graduate students in the Counseling Psychology Program and School Psychology Program.

Who provides services at the CSPC?

The CSPC is a training clinic for MA and PhD level graduate students. All services are provided by graduate students, who are supervised by licensed psychologists. Our supervisory staff have expertise in a variety of areas, along with many years of clinical experience in providing and supervising therapy, assessment, and outreach services.

Who is eligible to receive services at the CSPC?

Members of the UNL community, including students, staff, and faculty, as well as members of the Nebraska community at large are eligible to receive services at our clinic. While we can support clients experiencing a wide range of presenting concerns, should referral concerns fall outside the scope of our training clinic, we will provide appropriate referrals.

What makes a training clinic unique, compared to other types of mental health agencies?

Training clinics help support students learning how to provide therapy services, to ensure that clients are receiving the best care possible. To help support students’ learning and development of clinical skills, therapy sessions are recorded and reviewed by students and their supervisors. Students also receive multiple forms of supervision, including individual supervision and group supervision.

I’m a UNL student – how is the CSPC different from CAPS?

We are not an extension of CAPS, which serves the UNL student body and provides limited free services. We take referrals from CAPS when appropriate and may be able to see clients for longer-term care. All clients will be charged for our services whether they are from the community at large or the UNL community. For UNL students, we offer services at a low and flexible cost, per our sliding scale.

Who will review the session recordings, and how long are they stored?

Session recordings will only be reviewed by the clinician and their supervisor, for training and supervision purposes, to support clinical skill development and the quality of clinical care. Session recordings will only be stored for the duration of the semester and are not part of a client’s clinical file.

How can I get in touch with the CSPC?

You can get in touch with one of our team members by either calling our main clinic phone line (402-472-1152), or by email ( Please note that we are only staffed during operating hours and are unable to respond to after-hours inquiries. For any crises or emergencies, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.

How do I make an appointment at the CSPC?

If you are interested in services for yourself and/or your child, you may contact us by either calling our main clinic phone line (402-472-1152), or by email (

Where should I park for my appointment?

The CSPC has six designated parking stalls (located just outside of the clinic); a parking pass is needed in order to use these parking spaces. We are able to provide clients with a monthly parking pass.